That ol’ train that came
at the oddest of time,
had Death as its name
and a dark trail to rhyme.
They say it leaves behind,
always, a black fog of smoke
that prick our eyes to tear
and heave our hearts to fear.

Many, my peers and loved ones
returned not to tell the tale
of that ol’ train, tho’ just once
did they journey ‘yond the pale.
They say it’s a free, even ride
for the poor, rich, young or old.
But we must carry nothing along
save hope and the burial song.

Thus I wake up below every sun
dressed ready for this occasion:
That today may well be my turn
when Ol’ Train bids my attention.
They say it comes from nowhere,
but sets course to two stations;
both places alike of timeless age,
but I plan to make the better H.

By Joshua Lukas Maigana
© 2017


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