On the road again;
my feet yet to pain.
‘Pon adventure’s plain
Is the sweetest gain!
E’er my childhood vain.

On this ol’ street lane;
eyes count windows pane.
Though it be insane,
I shall spread my mane.
Alas! The road doth wane.

On this roadly bane;
the sun’s scorch like cane.
If I was a crane
Or even a plane,
Trips won’t be mundane.

On the road in rain,
I’m drenched to my brain.
On a mud terrain,
and my feeling’s slain.
But ’tis sweet disdain.

On the road I twain
lack in drink and grain.
Though the dust and stain
bonds upon like chain,
my zeal still is lain.

I, the roads ordain
to be man ‘thout feign.
For ’tis old bargain
for the road to train.
It drains, but I’ll reign.

By Joshua Lukas Maigana
© 2016


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